We specialize in maintenance services. We offer different levels of service on a weekly, biweekly and monthly basis. In fact, that's all we offer. This allows us to dedicate our time to our most loyal clients and provide them with a white-glove experience.

What you can expect..

✓​ Trained, friendly professionals in uniform
✓ A consistent schedule (same day, same time)
✓ On time (no arrival windows or wondering when we'll show up)
✓ Clear communication
✓ All supplies & equipment provided (eco-friendly)
✓ No smoking
✓ Text alerts to remind you when we are on our way
✓ Text alerts to notify you when your home has been cleaned

Basic - Our basic plan is designed for those who want to keep their house looking great. Extra items such as baseboards, fans, etc are not included but may be requested as needed.

The Basic plan includes:
​• Dust/clean all reachable surfaces throughout your home such as countertops, tables, furniture, picture frames, etc.
• Kitchen
• Bathrooms
• Vacuum/mop floors

Complete Care (Plus, Pro, Premier) - These all-inclusive plans are designed for those who want to make sure their home is kept in the best condition by having extra items performed on a scheduled basis. These extras are organized into (4) groups that are all completed over a period of visits depending on the plan. The difference in each plan is simply the rate at which all of these extras are performed and then repeated.

The (4) groups of extras include:
Baseboards & doors
2. High dusting (fans, light fixtures, pot shelves)
3. Blinds/shutters, cabinet fronts
4. Behind & under movable furniture

For Example, a weekly service with the Pro complete care plan would look like this...

1st visit: Basic cleaning + baseboards & doors
2nd visit: Basic cleaning
3rd visit: Basic cleaning +
high dusting (fans, light fixtures, pot shelves)
4th visit: Basic cleaning
5th visit: Basic cleaning +
blinds/shutters, cabinet fronts
6th visit: Basic cleaning
7th visit: Basic cleaning +
behind & under movable furniture
8th visit: Basic cleaning

First, choose how often you'd like us to clean.

Use the arrows to scroll and see various frequencies

Then, choose the plan that serves your standard of living.


Ready to get started?